•  Business Computer Applications I (BE0310)

    A course designed to introduce students to the use of industry standard

    Computer applications used for solving business problems. Career awareness,

    employment skills, and contextualized business problems represent the theme

    of the course. Topics include an introduction to operating systems and file

    management; the use of word processing software for purposes of creating

    basic business documents; the use of spreadsheet software for storing data

    and solving mathematically based problems; and the use of presentation

    software to support the delivery of effective presentations.


    Marketing Economics (Applied Economics) (BE 0200) (ME 0200)

    A course designed to provide students an understanding of economic theory

    and principles. Theories of the economic free enterprise system, with a focus

    on decision-making and its relationship to how people produce, distribute, and

    consumer goods and services are examined. This course can be offered for

    high school graduation economics credit.



    Web Design I – Introduction (BE0318)

    A course designed to allow students to develop Web pages utilizing HTML,

    XHTML, CSS, and XML basic web coding. This course is an entry-level course

    intended as a prerequisite for advanced Web design courses. This course is

    designed to provide students with vocabulary and concepts required to develop a Website. Students will be introduced to industry standard Web design software and be ready to advance to Web Design II, where students

    will use advanced Web authoring tools.



    Introduction to Interactive Media (BE0273)

    A course designed to introduce students to interactive technologies. Topics

    include designing, editing, and producing video, audio and graphical elements

    using digitally-generated or computer-enhanced media.