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  • Urgent Care Sports Physicals Special August 2020

    Urgent Care Clinic Manager Sean Christensen is excited to announce that a few local Urgent Cares are doing their Sports Physical Special again this year. The cost for a Sports Physical is only $10.00, and Urgent Care will donate the $10.00 back to each school's athletic department.

    This year, due to the current Covid-19 situation, they have decided to only do this special in August, but with extended days. Instead of just doing this special for the first week of the month, they will be doing this Sports Physical Special the entire month of August! This will help students and their families and also our schools.

    No appointments are necessary. Students can walk in anytime during regular clinic hours to receive this special. This will be at all three clinics: Urgent Care of Twin Falls, Urgent Care of Jerome, and Riverview Urgent Care in Burley.

    Clinic hours from August 1st through August 31st are as follows:

    • Twin Falls: Mon-Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    • Burley: Mon-Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    • Jerome: Mon-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Please share this information. If you have any questions, please contact Sean Christensen directly at:

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  • Suicide Prevention Resources

    Law Enforcement

    Call 911 for an immediate emergency

    Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

    Contact the Hotline if you or someone you know is in crisis or emotional distress. The Hotline is available 24/7, TEXT support is available Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM to Midnight, but CHAT support is currently unavailable due to COVID-19.



    Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    If you are thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States. It is available to everyone, is free, and is confidential.



    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Talk to Someone Now

    Student CONNECT Program

    Connect is a resource to help address a broad range of personal difficulties that may be causing distress. This benefit is free to any Cassia student grades K-12.


    Cassia County School District: CONNECT Program

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  • “Office” Hours


    Please join our teachers online during their live sessions. You can chat face to face with the teachers, ask questions or just check in. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get the help you need and have your questions answered real time. The teachers can be contacted by email or phone anytime, but each teacher's live “office” hours are listed below. Everyone has been sent links in their email, but if you are missing the link please email the teacher so they can forward it to you in order to join the live sessions. Thank you all and stay safe!

    Teachers meet daily from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM for PLC collaboration.

    Michael Johnson

    Curtis Reynolds

    Jess Johnson

    • 9:00 AM to Noon

    Jenna Jerez

    Brian Krupp

    • 9:00 AM to Noon 
    • STEM 2:00-3:00 Tues-Thurs --combined session with Mr. T, Mr. Krupp, Mr. Pettis, and Ms. Jerez
    • Individual appointments can be scheduled to accommodate student schedules.
    • Mr. Krupp can be reached anytime via email at

    Melanie McManus

    • 10:00 AM to Noon - Open hours - Google Meets
    • Noon to 1:00PM - Advisory - Google Meets
    • Ms. McManus can be reached anytime by email at

    Steven Pettis

    • PLC every day 8:00-9:00, on-line
    • Math 8 - Tues, Wed, Thur 9:15-10:00 instruction/student support, on-line
    • Open office hours - Tues, Wed, Thur 10:00-12:00 with following occasional exceptions:
      •      *  Geometry Blitz - Mon. & Fri, 10:00-11:00, observation, on-line (I check in most days for a short period) 
      •      *  Jr High Advisory every day 11:00-12-00, check-in, student support, on-line (I check in 2-3 times per week for a short period)
    • Advisory - every day 12:00-1:00 check in, discussion/student support, on-line
    • I Can Math - Tues, Wed, Thur 1:00-2:00, instruction/student support, on-line
    • STEM Academy - Tues, Wed, Thur 2:00-3:00, instruction/student support, on-line
    • Real World Science - Tues, Wed, Thur 3:00-3:45, check-in, discussion/student support, instruction, on-line


    • Individual Appointment Hours: Mon & Friday 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:45.  Additional hours can be made available for student support upon request.


    • E-mail
    • Google Voice/Message (208) 572-0505
    • Google Classroom and Google Calendar using student's school e-mail

    Daniel Thomander

    • 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM - Advisory Check-in
    • 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM - Tues, Wed, Thurs - Math 8
    • 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM - Tues, Wed, Thurs - Geometry A
    • 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Tues, Wed, Thurs - I Can Math
    • 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM - Tues, Wed, Thurs - STEM Academy
    • 9:00 AM to Noon - Mon and Friday - (You may schedule appointments during this time - call, email, or use calendar to schedule an appointment)
    • 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM - Mon and Friday - (You may schedule appointments during this time - call, email, or use calendar to schedule an appointment)
    • 3:00PM to 4:30 PM - Tues, Wed, Thurs - (You may schedule appointments during this time - call, email, or use calendar to schedule an appointment)

    Debbie Taylor

    • 10:00-11:00 Tues-Friday Online Office/ Nutrition and Foods/Google Calendar
    • 1100:-12:00 Tues-Friday Advisory Hangout/Google Calendar
    • 12:00-1:00 Tues-Friday Online Office/ Healthy Living and Teen Living/Google Calendar
    • Monday:  Reserved for shopping, recipes, assembling food boxes and curbside pickup. Please email to set a specific time for online help on Monday.
    • Ms. Taylor can be reached by email anytime at

    Andrea Gochnour

    • 10:00 AM to Noon - Available for Google Meets, phone calls or email. You can also email to set up an appointment.


    The Front Office of the school is also open from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM Monday through Friday for drop off and pick up services.


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  • Mini-Cassia Food Pantry & Distribution Sites

    Here is a list of food pantry and food distribution sites in the Mini-Cassia area that are partnered with The Idaho Foodbank.

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  • Free Online Reading Materials

    The closure of our school libraries has made it difficult for students to access enough books, specifically fiction. The District Librarian has created a blog to provide information on free online reading materials.

    Access the blog here:


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  • Emergency School Closure Food Plan

    The district is providing free meals for children 18 and under. Please follow this link for more information.


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  • Talking to Children About COVID-19

    A Resource for Parents from the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses.

    Read the Parent Resource Here


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  • The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

    Frequent hand-washing can keep you from getting sick from viral and bacterial infections, including the coronavirus. Following these simple tips will help you eliminate germs.

    Watch The Video



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  • Idaho Mastery Education


    Cassia High School is excited to announce our Mastery Education Program. Please click on the link below for more information about what is happening at our school. 

    Idaho Mastery Education Information



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  • Changes to District Breakfast Program


    Cassia School District will continue to provide breakfast and lunch for any and all students HOWEVER, FREE breakfast will NO LONGER BE OFFERED to ALL students (K-12) at Cassia Schools. The breakfast and lunch programs are provided through federal programs and the ability to offer free meals is based on socioeconomic factors of the community. Improved economic conditions have changed our calculation in the federal programs and eliminated our eligibility.


    The district will continue to offer healthy meals to any and all students during the day, but will return to the former system of collecting applications for free and reduced meals and only provide free or reduced meals to those students who qualify as determined by the application process.


    All families, regardless of economic status, are encouraged to complete the application.



    Changes impact all free breakfasts and lunches at Cassia High School.


    Please see the documents below or contact your school for more information.





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  • New Student Enrollment

    All students must apply for admission to Cassia High School. In order to enroll, please complete the following steps:

    • Come by the school office to pick up a registration packet
    • Schedule an admission interview
      • All students must participate in an admission interview conducted by CHS faculty and staff.
      • Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany students to their interview.
      • Make sure to review the Student Handbook and Dress Code.
    • Receive admission decision
      • After the interview, students will either be accepted immediately, placed on a waitlist, or denied admission.
      • If students are placed on a waitlist, they may begin work on credit recovery and independent study courses until a new block starts or a place becomes available.
      • See the Block Calendar for start dates. 

    Students that reside outside of Cassia School District must complete an Out-of-District Transfer Request form. 

    Contact the principal Dr. Shumway, school secretary Mrs. Castillo, or school counselor Ms. Gochnour, with questions or for more information. 



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  • Idaho State Department of Education School Report Card

    State of Idaho Department of Education Logo The State Department of Education’s revamped K-12 Report Card is available online, providing a user-friendly way for parents, educators and others to access information about schools and districts throughout the state. Part of the state’s new accountability system, the new site provides information about multiple student performance indicators, offering context in addition to the data.

    You can access the report card online at



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    Welcome to Cassia High School! 


    Cassia High School is the Cassia County School District alternative school, serving approximately 135 students from all junior and senior high schools in our district. We are a school of awesome students and amazing staff!  


    Our school mission statement is:  NO EXCUSES! SUCCESS BEGINS HERE!  


    We take this mission statement to heart; promoting success in education, character, and life.  Some things we as a student body and staff are especially proud of include our advisory and character education program where we promote service in our school and our community.  Our students donate hundreds of hours each year to the community in service.  Please contact us if you know of a project that our school could possibly help with and we will do our best to see that it happens! 


    We are proud of our professional dress code.  Students wear khaki slacks and black school polo shirts.  We dress for success at CHS!


    If regular high school isn't working for you - we invite you to come and learn more about Cassia High School.  We are always looking for students who value their education, want an opportunity to earn it, and are willing to go to work. We will work hard to make it happen, will help you achieve your goals, and like to have a good time in the process. Every year we have an amazing graduation ceremony honoring our graduates who have realized the value of their education and the opportunities they have earned. We invite you to come and see what we have going on at CHS.


    We are the proud Cougars of Cassia High School!


    Todd Shumway, PhD


    (208) 878-6690


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