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  • BeHere Do you know about our ATTENDANCE drive?? Well, you need to! Here's the quick 411: If EVERY school in the district is able to raise their attendance percentage by 1%, ALL schools in the district will get an EARLY release on November 21!!! We aren't saying send your kids to school sick, but we are saying that getting to school and being in class is important. Set good habits now!
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  • A group of 2 dozen community members have been working for 4 months to identify issues and concerns in our school buildings. They will give their report and make their recommendations to the Board on Oct. 28 @ 7pm. Come and learn what they think the district should do to address current and future needs in the district. Open to the public!
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  • New flash BRAG MOMENT:
    Scores are in for SATs and guess who tops the list for GROWTH around the state for schools with student enrollment over 5000 and beat State averages?! yep, it's US!
    (%'s are the growth from the previous year)
                              Reading: 12.2%
                              Math: 11.3%
                              Writing: 2.9%
      Combine great STUDENTS with great TEACHERS and viola'!
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Welcome to the Cassia County School District. This is a great school district! The Cassia County School District encompasses most of Cassia county and parts of Twin Falls and Oneida counties and is located in south central Idaho.  We border both Nevada and Utah to our south and the Snake River on the north.  The Cassia school system serves over 5300 students in 17 different accredited schools located in six different communities.  School district personnel work diligently with parents and community members to provide students with a comprehensive education that is preparing them for success in post-secondary educational and career opportunities.
Dr. Gaylen Smyer

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