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  • election Are you interested in making decisions for our local district? Do you like to serve the community and have the time to do it? A seat on the School Board may be for you.There is an open seat in Zone 2 (Steve Lynch is going off the Board) and no one filed for the election. The Board will be making an APPOINTMENT for that position. Those who serve through this Board make some of the most important decisions in our county. Think about it, talk about it and ask some questions, you might be interested.If you are INTERESTED, please send a resume and a letter of interest to 3650 Overland Ave, Burley attn Pam Teeter OR email teepam@cassiaschools.org. Click here to see if you are in ZONE 2. (it's the green area)
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  • Camps   Check out upcoming SPORTS CAMPS and print off the FORMS OHS Boys Bball camp or BJHS basketball 
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  • calendar1 The 2015-2016 school CALENDAR has been approved!
    Hard to imagine that we are thinking ahead to NEXT SCHOOL year, but you can
    check it out and print it!    calendar 2015-2016
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Welcome to the Cassia County School District. This is a great school district! The Cassia County School District encompasses most of Cassia county and parts of Twin Falls and Oneida counties and is located in south central Idaho.  We border both Nevada and Utah to our south and the Snake River on the north.  The Cassia school system serves over 5300 students in 17 different accredited schools located in six different communities.  School district personnel work diligently with parents and community members to provide students with a comprehensive education that is preparing them for success in post-secondary educational and career opportunities.
Dr. Gaylen Smyer

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  • School Partnerships

    Schools are successful where there is high community involvement. Flourishing schools and school districts are the benefactors of engaged parents, business owners and community leaders. This recipe for success is confirmed in the Mini Cassia Area, time and again. There is no question that schools use household and business funds to supplement many academic and athletic programs, along with providing actual building needs from playground equipment to new school signs and in particularly lean years, paper. Businesses are hit on numerous occasions to support rodeo clubs, cheerleaders and choir groups. Support comes in other forms such as, PTO carnivals and Booster Club fan nights, parents who read in classrooms and chaperoned trips. Added to this, we see voter passage of local bonds and levies.

    Partnering with others in the community is a main component for a successful educational landscape and the appreciation from schools back to the community is immense. Gathering information about community trends and working with others to help students and families
    progress has been a goal and challenge for Cassia schools for the past couple of years. Once a month patrons of the community are invited to attend a community outreach session where current topics are discussed. Subjects deal with technology in the home, current educational practices and district improvement plans. Committees that make recommendations about district calendars, classroom curriculum and the hiring of new administrators and teachers all include community member input and opinions. In nearly every major decision making setting, schools include and value the input of parents and community leaders.

    The relationship with the Mini Cassia Chamber of commerce provided valuable information regarding commercial growth during the bond process. Listening to the needs of local businesses is helping the Cassia Regional Technical Center develop programs that will provide student

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Mar News

  • School Internet Access

    Cassia School district became somewhat of the poster child for the state’s voided broadband contract. There is no doubt that a complete shutdown of broadband services would be devastating to schools and more importantly students.

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