Burley Band
Concert Band
Conductor: Mr. Tilley
Marching Band
Conductor: Mr. Tilley
Jazz Band
Conductor: Mr. Tilley
The Jazz Ensemble is an audition-only group with membership drawn from the Concert Band. The Jazz Ensemble generally performs in two concerts and three jazz festivals.
Burley Drama
Director/Instructor: Ms. Hudgens
Burley Choir
Concert Choir
Conductor: Mr. Fisher
Bel Cantos
Conductor: Mr. Fisher
Bel Cantos is a select choir of boys and girls with the aim of learning many and varied types of music. These range from contemporary to classical, with most emphasis on classical. Students must audition with the director in order to be considered for membership. It is not necessary to be a musician in order to audition; however, any past musical experience will be helpful. Although the class is basically a performance oriented class, the students also learn a great deal about musicianship. A great many performances are given each year.
Burley Orchestra
Conductor: Dr. Pugh