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This page contains all the information and forms you will need to complete your Senior Project.
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    by B. Tateoka

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    All instructions and samples are contained in this handbook. Please use it often if you do not know how to do something!

    HANDBOOK.pdf 1.09 MB (Last Modified on February 28, 2017)
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    This is VERY important for your due dates. Please look at this often!!

    TIMELINE--update 2017.pdf 279.31 KB (Last Modified on February 28, 2017)
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  • Topic Proposal Form

    by B. Tateoka

    This is the form you need to use. Other formats will not be accepted.

    This can be opened as a Google Doc, so if you do not have access to Word, make this into a Google Doc.

    Topic Proposal Form.docx 17.27 KB (Last Modified on May 2, 2016)
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  • Outside Mentor Agreement

    by B. Tateoka

    Print a clean copy. Have your mentor read and sign it. Then turn it in to your Advisory teacher.

    Outside Mentor Agreement Form.pdf 322.18 KB (Last Modified on May 9, 2016)
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  • Parent Permission

    by B. Tateoka

    Fill this form out COMPLETELY; sign and turn in to your Advisory teacher.

    Parent Permission Form.pdf 164.74 KB (Last Modified on May 2, 2016)
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