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Welcome to Albion Elementary.  If you haven't seen our school yet, you should. We are so proud of our teachers and staff. We have two classrooms that include K-2 and 3-5.

Principal's Pitch

Dear Parents,

                Welcome back to school! I had a wonderful conversation with our Albion kiddos, where they informed me that they were devastated to be done with their Christmas and New Year vacation. I tried to explain to them that they must be mistaken and that I am sure that they missed me and their teachers so terribly, that tears were a common place occurrence. They weren’t convinced.

But…. Your Albion staff and I did miss them terribly.

                We have some of the most productive parts of the year ahead of us. Let’s dig in and work hard for the next 5 months of the year. Please help us by:

1-      Bringing your students to school on time and allowing them to stay for the full day.

2-      Checking homework and backpacks daily.

3-      Read with your kiddos every night!

4-      Volunteer at the school whenever possible.

               Thank you so very much for all of the good that you do!



Mr. Lloyd

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